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Who We Are

RivCoParks is the common name often used to refer to the Riverside County Regional Park and Open-Space District (District). Our organization is dynamic and adjust to meet the needs of the county as a whole. Many programs are operated under the three bureaus which include: Parks & Resources, Planning & Development, and Business Operations. The District is led by the General Manager/Parks Director and the executive team comprised of three Chiefs. The District’s focus encompasses providing high-quality recreational opportunities and preserving important features of the County’s natural, cultural, and historical heritage.

Mission Statement

To preserve land with sensitive habitat or rich heritage within Riverside County, and provide opportunities for the community to enjoy equitable access through recreation and education.

Our Vision

Serving our community through thoughtful and sustainable actions to inspire lifelong connections with RivCoParks, places, and programs.

Large rock formations along the trails of Harford Springs Reserve

Website Accessibility Statement

RivCoParks is committed to making our website as accessible as possible to everyone, including those with visual, hearing, cognitive and motor impairments. We're constantly working towards improving the accessibility of our website to ensure we provide equal access to all of our users.

As part of our commitment to accessibility, we ensure that our website is compatible with all recent versions of popular screen readers.  The site is enabled with visual indicators, common site order and structures, and alternate text for images. We have purposefully set up fonts/type, colors, and styles that are easy to see/read.  We have limited moving elements for those with cognitive challenges. The site has been enabled to view in Spanish with google translate.

Despite our efforts to ensure accessibility of this website, there may be some limitations.  Please contact the webmaster if you observe an issue that limits accessibility.  We will do our best to find solutions in a timely manner.